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PHP/MySQL Programmer

We are looking for PHP/MySQL programmers with a minimum of 3 years experience for full time positions

Required Skills:

  • Ability to work in MVC based OOP PHP5+;
  • Ability to take full advantage of *SQL querying in a secure manner;
  • Ability to develop standards compliant vanilla PHP logic (without the help of a framework);
  • Design, construct and interact with *SQL databases;
  • Demonstrated ability to produce clean, well formatted, efficient and stable code;
  • Solid understanding of standards compliant HTML, Twig, Javascript, jQuery and CSS;
  • General knowledge of REST and SOAP APIs;
  • Abilities in debugging;
  • GIT.

Non-essential skills (must be open to learning):

  • General knowledge of Symfony 2;
  • Ability to work with AngularJS;
  • General knowledge of LAMP stack sysadmin responsibilities;
  • Good understanding of Unix based operating system;
  • Ability to document and verbally communicate complex technical ideas;
  • Experience in concept development and problem solving;
  • Experience working with AWS and other cloud based application environments.

Personal qualities

  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Good communicative skills;
  • Analytical abilities;
  • Passion for solving problems;
  • Open mindset for development methodologies and technologies;
  • Quality vs. quantity – thoroughness;
  • Passion for the tasks;
  • Good command of written and spoken English.